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CSR Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility

At BlueBridge Education we are committed to contributing positively to every community with which we have contact. We have been working to improve social mobility through education, awareness of environmental issues and the benefits of healthy living, both in the UK and abroad.

Our commitment to Cultural Understanding

University of Cambridge Science FestivalEquality of opportunity is central to our culture. We are a truly global business, serving a diverse client base and as a result we pride ourselves on our diversity and open-mindedness. We recognise that cultural understanding is not monopolised by any one gender, race, culture, creed or language and we have been working to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds through our education projects.

PARTNERSHIP: Cambridge University Science Festival

Our commitment to Youth and Sport

Cambridge University Rugby Club and Cambridge University Ladies’ NetballOur programmes provide a pathway for academics and experienced teachers to work on outreach programmes with local communities, encouraging students to fulfil their potential and to access Higher Education. Furthermore, we understand the value of sport as a means of encouraging healthy living, cultural understanding and the development of leadership skills. We have been supporting sporting societies for both men and women in order to ensure that they can continue to participate to the very best of their ability.

PARTNERSHIP: Cambridge University Rugby Club and Cambridge University Ladies’ Netball

Our commitment to the Environment

We are conscious of the significance of environmental changes around the globe and we have been supporting societies that promote renewable energy and the preservation of the environment. We believe that young people hold the key to future environmental stability and we have been encouraging young scientists with a passion for the environment.

PARTNERSHIP: Cambridge University Eco Racing Team